I am Jyoti Kerkar an intuitive spiritual guide with the help of my 78 Tarot soldier i can guide you to take a positive outlook to life. I have been practicing for the past 10 years and have solved cases like 

a. In 2009 i had a reading done , after 5 years into marriage  she wanted to know whether she will conceive ?  this was done long distant as she stays in out of India , after checking her reading i gave her the time and period she will conceive and now she is a proud mother of a robust baby boy.

b. In 2010 another reading done, who stays iUSA , wanted to know if her husband and  her parents will ever reconcile. Her husband never spoke to his in laws even after 10 years into the marriage , when she asked me i gave her my reading and after 10 years  they reconciled.

A bit more about me 

My favorite thing to do :  To spend the day curled up on my couch reading thrillers  romance novels which has a bit of Magic woven into it, with a cup of Tea.  Added Bonus if it is raining outside .

My Dream:  One day living in my very own enchanted cottage with a veggie plus rose garden, lots of cats and travelling to places, explore and click photographs .

My Love:: cooking exotic dishes , dancing to music , painting , shopping quirky stuff , napping 

Who is behind the Sunshine Tarot ?


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