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August Month Tarot Predictions

August 3, 2018



This month is where you need to concentrate on work on hand, this going to be a month with lots of work and a waiting period for projects done.

You need to plan your projects and  your career very meticulously, your old period of frustration is over, but giving into stress is not going to work as you need all the concentration and grit to finish your work on hand. So dear Aries keep yourself fit and focused, do not dwell in the past.




You definitely are waiting for a news which will require travel, something you are excited about, but you need to be calm and balance your mind to know what is right for you. How will this work in the long run? If the subject is in a creative pursue this might be a good time to take the jump.

This certainly is a period you are thinking for your career or for students it will be opportunity you looking for.




You have put in lots of efforts by teamwork, the team maybe not skilled or possible you left everything to the team , so the end result is a disappointment that came your way. Do not walk away from the situation. You need to lead by example, but all is not lost, you will have some sunshine coming your way if you show enthusiasm and look at the situation with a childlike view, instead of your prejudiced one towards life.




Cancerians this month is definitely about your career, a lot of completion, you need to be resilient, not get bogged down with advices from your superiors or your peers.

There will be bullies around who will try to pull down your morale all the time, Perseverance and Patience should be your virtue in this month as this will help you to get what you want.

Don’t lose heart the wheel will change soon the next month. Hang on there with Faith in yourself.




Lions you are disappointed with someone or some situation, you think justice is not done as you gave your full attention to that project, person or situation.

You feel universe has not dealt a good hand to you, no one is understanding your point of view, wait don’t give up there are opportunities which will shine your career path soon.

Don’t get into details, trust others views and be kind to yourself.




You need to surround yourself with positivity , unfortunately there are lots of disappointments that have come your way, you need to go back to basic,  the nature which will heal you and make you strong and give you a healthy mind to take right decisions.

Someone younger to you may be a catalyst, if you find the subject positive let them be around you.

Meditation, retrospect and healing are the keywords for this month.




You might be facing a succession of bad luck for the past few months, the universe says do not handle any big projects or deal in cash. This period is of disillusion.

But all is not lost, a quite disposition and calm mind ,will help you be victorious over all that has wronged you. So don’t lose hope, change is inevitable and the cards say it will be a good one.




A period of transition, going the right way, not succumbing to financial crisis or loss, you need to work towards making things work for you as there is a rainbow at the end, you need to be calm, keep faith and accept the change which will be positive.

Work towards a positive goal, look up with faith and hope to all challenges coming your way.

Patience and Faith are the virtue for this month.




The cards shows a definite change in your job or a career boost, if there are fresher’s looking for jobs this is the time for you to get one. You are calm and happy about your current status or situation.

You are sure that whatever efforts you have put in will yield results, and yes that’s true, but be true to yourself do not be carried away with frivolous thoughts.




Please keep calm and hold on, you must be feeling lonely and lost things in your personal as well as professional life is not moving as you want it to move.

But we know that things will change, if you show grit and determination tell the universe you are stronger than the situation.

Try and surround yourself with happy people.




There is an authoritarian figure, a male mentor in your life who is governing you, and you are not taking it kindly, lots of disagreements, lack of confidence

You need to either get away or change the situation which will make you happy, you need to make this dominance understand that it is your life and you can take decision, or walk away if you still can.




If you are a female,then you are the one who will turn all situations into positive results, your exuberance just makes things positive, though there are disappointments but you with your charm can turn them around.

For others the most important female in your life will be the guide to take you yonder to win. Cherish her, listen to her advice and you are a winner .



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