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September Predictions

September 7, 2018

 Energetic Aries


The month of September looks promising, you personally need to get out of pondering and making your own stories in your mind about everything in life, trust your intuition, relax and your family will support you, your children will be a joy to you. Make calculated moves in your professional life.


 Pleasurable Taurus 


 Basically a Taurean never discloses their feelings nor what is going in their minds, this month they will show their true colours and keep all that is important in their minds without sharing anything with their partners. You have given your best in your career and struggling to get noticed for the work you have put in. Some off you must be going through estrangement or stormy relationship. But all is not lost you can still revive your life. All remains in your hands and the blessings of the Almighty.


 Communicative Gemini 


Always restless, generally the always dream big and look yonder, September maybe a month when you may travel official, don’t expect everything you dream and look at the horizon will be good or rather whether it will materialize, it simply can be an illusion. Indicates you might feel powerful and think you can change the situation as per your comfort. But that is highly impossible.

Stick to routine.


 Sensitive Cancer 


 You may have to travel a lot on official or personal situation. Your subconscious mind is at work in this month, don’t live in any illusions, be practical, the universe warns you not to make hasty decision, and important don’t be opinionated. Relax a healthy mind gives sound advices.



 Strong -minded Leo 


Emotions are overflowing, Change is inevitable, there is no escape, Acceptance is is the key and things will go smoothly, you are just there to succeed but your efforts are not notice can be for personal or career. You had made all possible efforts to celebrate but no one was attuned to your emotions. You need to find the right balance to help you grow and find peace within.




Conscientious Virgo  


Career on your mind, maybe you seeking a promotion or change of job but there is a slight delay. You will get there but will take some time, you need not worry as you have sown the seeds of efforts and it will sure bear fruit, the only factor is time, Be frugal in your approach, you do like to help the ones who are not so blessed, go ahead as this will give you a peace of mind.



Charming Libra 


If you are in a relation then this is the time for commitment, love is in the Air, The person you are with is a successful person, has achieved a lot, lives in luxury. Authoritative, needs control all the time. All things you thought or dreamed are coming together, a period of accomplishment. Don’t let this go to your head. Enjoy the period of good luck and thank the universe for it. 


 Agile Scorpio 

You feel secure, you have worked hard by concentrating on your goal, one minded concentration to hard work for past few months, relax you need to travel meet like-minded people. Period where you will meet your childhood friends or visit your old town a period of nostalgia, a feeling of contentment. But caution don’t live in the past accept your current situation. Looking back will help you to make right decision in the future.  The universe also says there is potential if you can expand your horizons.