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October Predictions

October 1, 2018

Energetic Aries


Arians this month shows you busy with your work and a project that absorbs all your attention. Your focusing all your energies on it to make sure it is perfect. You are on top of your career , and your opponents are challenging you as they want what you have your success and status. You represent a powerful leader it means you are getting more stability and structure into your life using rational and logical thoughts.


 Pleasurable Taurus 


There are challenges that are yet to come, but your focus is embarking on a journey and taking the first step. There is one key issue that is dominating your life at this time, a sort of restlessness is surrounding you. What universe suggest is that sometimes you need to choose between options, all of which may be tempting but only one is the best choice, sometimes all options are not real but delusions of the imagination.



Communicative Gemini  


Major happenings in your life this month, you are alone as in even in a relationship you find yourself alone, or you are single and feel alone, yes you have to make major decisions, keep your purpose in mind, focus and have faith, use both your practical mind and your common sense too. Your aspirations and dreams are still young its only your confidence which will make you win.






Sensitive Cancer 


Cancerians, possibly maybe few of you are recovering from a financial loss, during this period you must have turned inwardly towards spirituality. You have learned not to repress emotions and subconscious impulses, you accept and deal with them with maturity and with balanced manner. You are becoming aware of your core essence, No matter what the universe throws at you know you are connected to the Divine. Your heart is filled with hope and your soul is uplifted.



 Strong minded Leo 


You understand the value of putting time and energy for the maximum output. You have a strong desire to invest in long term benefits. You have started noticing that there are some areas in your life which are energy sappers and there are going to be no rewards for your efforts. Do what you can with what you have. For few of you there maybe tensions between family members and you are finding yourself being caught in other people’s concerns or relationship problems. Keep looking for alternatives ways around obstacle presented.




 Conscientious Virgo


 Folks you are being directed or surrounded by people who are consciously or unconsciously taking hold of your decisions. But you still find yourself alone, you must be embarking on a new project, you pushing yourself headlong without a thought, if it is you then you are only focused on your goals, if this is someone else then he/she is using you to get their goals. You are methodical and practical in your approach you need to have trustworthy, reliable provider.






Charming Libra


Librans you are in a position where you can help the not so fortunate. Give to someone you trust as one good deed will get you back another, as this will help you to restore balance and moderation in your life as soon as possible. You may have been overeating, or squandering money, arguing with your loved ones break this negative energy and get your life back I to balance again. It’s a period of self-evaluation, Universe is encouraging you to seek out the truth of the matter and find justice.




 Agile Scorpio</