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December Tarot Predictions

December 6, 2018

We have reached 2018 December , so for all you lovely individuals 

i thought of using a different Tarot Deck, and this the month of cheer, joy, and generally spreading happiness , you have your Christmas tree up , expecting Santa and Fairies and Elves to be busy making gits and filling your socks right, so have used Fairy Tarot Deck .






You need to be confident in every aspect of your life, remember you have it what it takes,  only if you believe in yourself, you can do anything, take charge of your life, Don’t be deterred by challenges along the way, it’s important to communicate clearly.



You need to let go of people or things that no longer serve you. Review the past and the present so you can plan a bright future. Reach out to others for comfort and love. Sadness will heal.



Understanding the Truth of the situation, Powerful intuitive epiphanies Now is the time to focus on your career path, Positive changes are on the way .A welcome relief from troubled times, there might be travelling or re-locating involved.




The illusion of being trapped by placing too much importance on material items. You have what it takes, if only you believe in yourself, A lack of self-confidence. Is keeping you away from getting what you want.  Seek out intellectual solution to your problem is the need of the hour, so act quickly.



Now is the time to focus on your career, you can do anything, take charge of your life. Indecision is holding you back, stop trying to please others, some of you might be feeling trapped between the intellectual and the emotional.



Do careful reflection before taking action, you may get insights by doing meditation. Some of you may have got resolution of difficulties. Get advice from someone professional and objective. Some of you may be in an unemotional relationship.


Libra: .

Some of you might be in the spotlight, celebrating your accomplishments. Few of you felling trapped because of your indecision, stop pleasing others. Let go of things that no longer serves you in the positive way.



You can manifest what you need to be a success, take charge of your life, there is information available that can help you but which may also be difficult to hear. Speaking the truth with kindness will help



Those of you who are awaiting love in your life, may meet true love which is long lasting. It’s a return to good health for some who were under the sun . A weight is lifted off your shoulders.



Some of you can expect a sudden unexpected change. The cards show a brilliant success in what you did right,  you have the freedom to go in any direction. A journey of life that is now complete.



It’s important to communicate clearly and accurately, Delays are over! You can expect good luck for anything you do. The end of addiction or co-dependency. Cards indicate travel.




Some of you are afraid and focusing on unseen and worst case scenarios. Don’t allow worry to grow out of proportion. The cards show sudden unexpected luck, some of you may buy a new car or travel to foreign places.



Hope you lovely individual enjoy the predictions and

Merry Christmas to all .







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