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New Year 2019 Tarot Predictions

December 31, 2018


Energetic Aries

Career:  In your career you are warding of competition, peers, subordinates who are trying to up their importance. But you have good defence mechanism and are holding your own well, this will continue for some time. You need time off, relax, if you cannot get away try relaxing with meditating.


Relationship: Your Kids or you are in a learning process so your energies will be divided, proper guidance will help the student excel. You may travel out of the country which will strengthen your relationship, you are contemplating to decide on your life directions.



Pleasurable Taurus


Career: Good year 2019, New beginnings, creative spark, fruitful ideas. In all there is a good omen surrounding you, so you can look forward to whatever you desire, your career should take the right path. The key is be calm and you will  achieve .


Relationship:  Whatever stage your relationship and if you need an answer, things are going to speed up and you will know which direction is the relationship. If you have a relation which is not going the right way and you want it to continue, then you have to put in a lot of hard work to maintain it, there should be focused  efforts too.  



Communicative Gemini


Career:  You are holding too many things close to your heart, not disclosing your move has irritated some of your peers or higher ups. You are in constant fear of something terrible to happen, you need access to know your life direction.


Relationship: is not at its best there is fear of losing and your attitude is pessimistic. Just for your negative attitude the good things in life are not happening., you need to change your outlook, think positively and send good vibes to the universe.



Sensitive Cancer


Career: You have either shifted from base to another place, country or you have got out of a situation which you were not in favour of. What we can see is the collapse of stable structure around you, you got a sudden insight to make a particular move. Now you need patience, wait for your plans to bear fruit.


Relationship:  There is definitely an addition of a lady to your life, who will get balance into your life. You need to be healthy in your eating habits and stay grounded and calm.




Strong minded Leo


Career: You hold all the cards which can make your career prosper, you have the power to manifest, you need to distribute evenly as you have so many choices you are getting lost in fantasy and there is hesitation and indecision of taking actions.


Relationship: There is a male figure in your life who is very focused, controlling with a rational mind, there might be some discord at home, however minor that needs your attention.




Contentious Virgo


Career: you have clarity of life purpose, good fortune show in the cards , your slight indecision might topple the apple cart, so be careful and deal wisely. Listen to your own intuitions.


Relationship: Patience is what your need, if in relation you need to work hard and maintain your relation, there is a loss of clarity, don’t be biased, if you want the relation to continue you need to have a clear vision.




Charming Libra


Career: Don’t keep everything to yourself, if you want something you need to share, some of you are in need of a good job or want a promotion, clarity and sharing are two keywords to win, the universe will help if you follow the above , Success is on the way.


Relationship: There can be some excitement in your relationship, you may go one step further into your relation if it is still new, the stars are propelling you to commit, desires are high, just give yourself time to think, later there should be no regrets.



Agile Scorpio


Career:  Your career thoughts are uppermost and you are mentally torturing yourself Whatever you think is not happening in your career is because you are over thinking, open your eyes come out of self-doubt and look around. The Universe is pointing out the goals, financial benefits and clarity of Life purpose. You need to clear your mind and seek.


                                           Relationship: In Relation too you are fighting unknown enemies, it’s just a mental fiction. Once you clear your cobwebs. You will definitely achieve emotional bliss, happiness and get what you asked the Universe.





Adventurous Sagittarius


Career:  New year rings in  lots of openings/choices, do not get lost in fantasy, make quick decision, Universe is backing you with happiness and emotional bliss. You will attain the goal if you are decisive.


Relationship: Can see a lot of indulgence, you are happy in whatever relation you are in, you need to recheck back to your roots, the place you were born or give time to old people in the family am sure you are getting an  inner calling.





Tireless Capricorn


Career: There is a definite change in your career path, either you have recently changed your job or planning to change or quit and start new, and this change will give you emotional fulfillment and joy.


Relationship: Did you go through a lot of ups and downs in any of your relations? If yes then you need to rest or take a few days off, retreat relax, meditate, things will settle soon. If you answer is No, then expect a roller coaster ride, but all is not lost, it all depends on how you approach each day. So relax and take a deep breath.



Progressive Aquarius


Career:  There is a warning for you, to think and have clarity of mind. Career is a place for working and gaining a position and achieving your life goals. Do not get personal feelings in the scene as this will sure work against you. In clear words Betrayal or heart breaks.


Relationship: In relation you will get an opportunity for a fresh start, if there was tension previously then there is relief now. If it is a new relation then things will move in the right direction, in fact aggressively.





Sentimental Pisces


Career: Do not hold back anything for


fear of being ridiculed, stop feeling bad for yourself, you have confidence, dig out your real self of being confident, you are an adventurous risk taker, the one who always followed his/her own passion.


Relationship: Nothing major but you have gone within yourself, subconsciously allowing things to be. There is a possibility for some of you feeling defeated, things just not going your way, self-sabotage.



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