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March Tarot Predictions

February 28, 2019


Energetic Aries 


The cards show a positive approach towards the month, you should be open in your communication and show raw honesty. It all depends upon your belief system. Your time long project, relationship has come to a full circle, everything has come together. But the universe also tells you to let go of your past disappointments, as I have already said that you can go into this month with a smile on your face.



Pleasurable Taurus 


Taurans you will be surrounded by influential people; you may allow your emotions to get better of you, as you put your heart before your head. You may be emotionally involved in a particular issue. You may be a fatherly figure to lot of people to give sound advice, but right now you need the guidance. There is no escaping this, trying to put it in a better way but you should expect  loss of wealth, separation/divorce, health problems, job loss. You need to keep calm and meditate and  rest.




Communicative Gemini

This month Geminis be open minded and do not be surprised by anything that pops up, you have hit the hard times when it comes to your work, career, finance and material position, you no longer feel safe as it is stripped away from you with one blow, but this is a temporary phase that’s the positive. Like I said there is a positive side, you can still work and achieve the harmony in your life, but that will need patience.




Sensitive Cancer

 Cancerians you will either be celebrating some occasion with a group of people or there are influences of other people in your life. The cards tell you to have a clear vision and take each step with your own vision. As you are inborn thinker, you have clarity of mind. Caution you may be swept by other people’s drama, you need to listen to your voice and wisdom




Strong minded Leo

A radical change in life or thinking is what the cards is saying, which will change and the old will never be the same. There may be conflict of opinion, each one has different views and will get that to the table, how you find harmony that benefits you is a challenge. You are born with intellectual wisdom and mental clarity. This will help you with the change in your life.




Contentious Virgo

Be careful this month, do not take new projects, keep your finance clean and your cash safe. You have to put everything on hold before you can take the next step or the Universe will do it on your behalf and you may not always like it. You have opportunities coming your way but you are just not interested, the universe will guide you,  listen to your inner self.




Charming Libra

Librans it’s the season of spring and your zodiac sign is associated with it. It’s the times to retreat within to gain wisdom from your inner self. You might be at a juncture of taking important life decisions. You might be surrounded by people with different belief systems. You might be inclined to give into anything and everything, but you need to retrospect. 




Agile Scorpio

Scorpios this month you are fuelled by your inner strength, personal power, strong will and determination. You don’t try to control others but try to quietly influence and persuade. You are guided by the divine light and your creative expression will be at its pinnacle. At this point of your life you are comfortable with who you are. You may have a creative restlessness, knowing that you are destined for something big, but you are restricted by delays.




Adventurous Sagittarius

Saggis you for past few months are keeping some secret or keeping some important aspect close to your heart, so probably you are walking a tightrope, a two sided sword, so there must be a lot of mental stress. This month will give you the much needed relief, someone from your past life will bring the solution to whatever secrets lying within you.




Tireless Capricorn

This month will get you out of a situation which may be related to a lot of bullying happening, it made you retreat in yourself. Low confidence, but you will now seek guidance from the universe, as help is on the way, you need to go a bit spiritual and find your answer from the wisdom of the  guru and learned.




Progressive Aquarius

This month Aquarians you may feel little below the sun, you need to gain energy and not waste it in things which will never yield results. In fact, there is no actual threat its all in your mind. Tune into higher frequency, trust in yourself and the judgment you make and know you are on the right path, just that it will take some time as you need to be fit and happy.




Sentimental Pisces

 This month is of retrospect, teaching values, study and generally making decision to get important things on the road. Its all about home and fulfilling your duties and filling it with love., open the lines of communication. This month is also about you, loving yourself unconditionally, accepting who you are and respect and honour the original version of yourself, which without any efforts will open a loving and harmonized relation around you.







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