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April Predictions

April 1, 2019



Energetic Aries 


 The cards show that you are focusing on your recent disappointments, Forgiveness is vital, let go of the past, forgive others, just to get peace for yourself. This month is all about your finance, either you are in good financial health or you may get gifts that will get you to that position. Harmony in your personal life unconditional love, and on professional front you will have someone who has your back covered.




Pleasurable Taurus


This month you need to listen to the inner call and what the universe is telling, you need to listen as ‘the call’ you cannot ignore. All the cards show a subconscious decision, you need to heed to that inner voice and move. Take decisions lead with your heart and not your head. You may be given the opportunity which you need to consider and surge ahead.




Communicative Gemini


Still a period of setback and lacking self-confidence now is the time to reconnect to your inner self.  Be open to explore your passions and your big ideas. Reevaluate your circumstances.  Do not resist to inevitable end.




Sensitive Cancer



If relationship is the top most question in your mind, then the universe is assuring you that it will work, keep your communication open. You have a curious mind, You may benefit from working with a wise mentor who has walked the path before and now can lead you. Beware of theft, trickery and deception.





Strong minded Leo


You need to concentrate on the opportunities given to you by the universe rather than thinking about the lost ones. Be careful of making fast decisions as later you may realise you had only half information. Stay attuned to your intuition and pay attention to the opportunities that rise to reach your goal.





Contentious Virgo


You must be overwhelmed with the life’s challenges and lost faith and hope in the universe. Now you have to work methodically to achieve your goals, stick to your path relentlessly. You are intelligent and logical, so navigate your path remembering these inherent talents.




Charming Libra


If you have worked contentiously then you will get the rewards of your efforts, it shows a lot of teamwork, and you can enjoy the rewards/fruits of your hard efforts,

But be careful of betrayal or trickery, take conscious decisions.






Agile Scorpio



Life is always not about getting everything in harmony there will be situation wehre you find your job mundane, unappreciated and undervalued. You are not giving up and are tapping into your ability to manifest a personal goal or dream and your focused attention will take you to your goal. Do not hold on to any burden take support who are willing to give.





Adventurous Sagittarius


This month conscious thinking involved. It also shows new relationship, be it friendship, family connection or blossoming romance. Good month end to difficult times, you may find new sources of income. Be careful with your income, finances.