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Colour Harmony - Zodiac

April 10, 2019

People when they intuitively choose the same colour it is your subconscious mind at work. You choose those colours which suit your mood. Today we will discuss colours which are best suited for the room you frequent the most.




Aquarius: Are ruled by chaotic Uranus, Imaginative and sociable, they like spaces, they want little of everything, so they prefer the colour – Turquoise.


Pisces: Sensitive sign. love shades that reminds them of water, so all shades of blue calm their mind, it brings a sense of relaxation. Preferably colour – Dark Blue.


Aries: is ruled by the Red Planet Mars, so these are fun loving, smart people, they take bold steps so the colour Red is suitable for them. It brings out self-confidence and courage.


Taurus: are people of the earth and so Green soothes them, it creates a feeling of comfort and inner peace. It’s the colour that heals.


Gemini: are gregarious and love spaces and modern technology, Yellow is the colour for them, it helps to express feelings and getting the mind ready for meditation.


Cancer: people born under this sign are usually sensitive and loyal, the colour which nourishes and recharges these souls is white. This colour has a protective aura that brings in peace.


Leo: the king requires something which is decorous and luxurious, the colour which will simulate their minds is Orange, it symbolizes strength  and quest for knowledge, in addition to uplifting the mood.


Virgo: are meticulous and like order and cleanliness and neatness so all the pastel shades which has a touch of white is the colour for these people.



Libra: seek balance in life they like simple bare space, Rose pink is the colour that will invite harmony and influences feelings and protection.


Scorpio: are mysterious and love everything that stimulates their mind, they are passionate about everything they do. So the colour for them is Dark Red , which  will motivate and calm the restless soul.


Sagittarius: these are restless and fuss souls, they like decorative objects that serves the purpose. The colour for them is Purple, this has profound effect on the mind.


Capricorn: These souls prefer classic and traditional spaces. The ideal colour for them is black, but they can choose grey, it is a colour of isolation.




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