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May Tarot Predictions

April 29, 2019




Energetic Aries

The card tells you to be optimistic with your view to life, Keep your mind open for all synchronicities and signs from the universe. Be open to the help from others too as guidance from both the spiritual and physical is supporting you. The more you tune into yourself and allow the Universe to help you the better the result

will be.



Pleasurable Taurus

Now is the right time to move forward for an idea you have recently conceived. Having a clear vision in your quest to manifest your goals before you act. If you are clear about your ‘What’ and ‘Why’ the card says will help you achieve them. Commitment to the task is essential.




Communicative Gemini

After months you have a positive card, you will be surrounded by wealth, which means practically your finance will be excellent. The card also indicates that your family is also important to you and you are the provider to keep the family financial secure and happy.







Sensitive Cancer

A positive card for females as it is encouraging you to take bold steps and go ahead for all your creative dreams, the male of this sign will be guided by their better halves to make decision, they need to look into their shadows which means the lesser known facts about self, as to who you really are. Don’t be afraid to show your other side.



Strong minded Leo

The cards indicate you are stuck to your past and can’t let go. You feel victimised, forgive yourself and the other or situation not because they need to be forgiven but for you to move on with life. Be open to the brighter side of life .






Contentious Virgo

This month will show a lot of challenges, it is a sad fact of life the more you are in a higher position the more the audience and more likely you will be under pressure. Some people covet what you have , it maybe flattering to that they strive for your success but it makes a tense environment as you need to protect what you earned for yourself constantly.




Charming Libra


This month’s card gives you happiness and emotional contentment, especially in your relationship and family. It is a positive card for romantic relationship either you have reached the state of bliss or a new positive relationship is on the cards. The card tell you to trust your intuition, your feelings and emotions will guide you.




Agile Scorpio

This month’s card is of communication, moving forward with new ideas , your energy level will be high. The card encourages to move forward with your ideas, project, relationships, though there maybe challenges follow your passions and go where your true energy lies.




Adventurous Sagittarius

You are called to account your