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December 2019 -Runes Predictions

November 29, 2019






Aries: You have attracted the Rune- GEBO – The Rune of Love and Forgiveness, Runic number is 7, and the Gemstone is “Opal”. Declare love openly, show compassion, Spiritual gifts are priceless, if you accept a gift you should be open to give back the universe.






Taurus: You have attracted the Rune – MANAZ – The Rune of Humanity. Runic number is 20, Gemstone is “Garnet”. You, yourself your body. your mind, WE are human family but alone in one’s life. Collaborations for common good and better world.







Gemini: You have attracted the Rune- Jera – The Rune of Success and Continuity. The Runic number is 12, Gemstone is Camelian, Fruition of your plans, rewards for past efforts. This is the time for celebration, abundance, and joy.






Cancer: You have attracted the Rune –  Isa- The Ice Rune, The Runic number is 11, Gemstone is “Cat’s eye”. Indication for a period of non-action, don’t take anything for granted. Things will surely change; ice is a temporary phase.







Leo: You have attracted the Rune – Tiwaz – The Warrior Rune, The Runic number is 17, gemstone is “Coral”, If you show courage and are honest then there is victory, use your skills and wisdom. Your faith will be challenged and you have to protect it.







Virgo: You have attracted the Rune – Uruz – The Rune of Strength, The Runic number is 2, the gemstone is Carbuncle (colour green) Physical and mental strength and health. Don’t let negative people upset you, pay attention to your ego, master and control it you will                       succeed.






Libra: You have attracted the Rune – Ansuz – The Messenger’s or Odin Rune, The Runic number is 4, the gemstone is Emerald, everything may have significance, take a look around you signs and confirmations are available.






Scorpio: You have attracted the Rune – Sowilo- The Rune of Energy and Revelation. The Runic number is 16, the gemstone Ruby, You are powerful enough to bring things to fruition, Good fortune is ahead and everything is positive. This is not the time to relax, all                             the solutions are within your power.